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Tea Tree Essential Oil

Article on Tea Tree Essential Oil

Known as the “miracle oil” it is regarded as the single most effective, nontoxic antibacterial and antifungal essential oil. Currently research is going on about this wonderful oil, however it has been around for many years.

During World War II Tea Tree oil was considered such a necessity that those people who cut and produced Tea Tree were exempt from war service until sufficient reserves had been accumulated to be included in first aid kits for the Army and Navy.

Tea Tree essential oil comes from the leaves and twigs of the plant melaleuca alternifolia from Australia. The color of the oil is a very pale yellow. The aroma is sharp, spicy, warm, and camphorous. The method of extraction is steam distillation. Tea Tree is in the same botanical family as Eucalyptus.

Here are some real practical ways to incorporate Tea Tree Essential Oil into your everyday living.

Add a few drops to your humidifier or a diffuser, especially after someone has been sick in your household. It aids in killing air borne germs. It also adds freshness to the air in the home.

One thing I did this past flu season, is I took a pail of hot water added a small amount of white vinegar with a few drops of Tea Tree essential oil and wiped down hard surfaces like door knobs, toilets, and floors, (you don’t need those expensive cleaning products). Make your own. They are just as effective, if not more and environmentally friendly plus there is an added bonus -the satisfaction of creating your own products.


Another use is for Respiratory Problems (Cold/Congestion)


15 drops Tea Tree Essential oil

15 drops Lavender Essential oil

15 drops Rosemary Essential oil

15 drops Eucalyptus Essential oil

Mix all the oils together. Use in the following ways.

1.    Use 3-4 drops in a diffuser

2.    Put 3-4 drops on a cotton ball, take with you and

        inhale throughout the day or tuck inside a pillowcase at night.

3.    Use 1-2 drops in a tub of warm water.

Another use is a Foot Blend


15 drops Lavender Essential oil

15 drops of Tea Tree Essential oil


Use 5 drops of this blend per quart of warm water. Let feet soak for

 15-20 minutes (you may add Dead Sea salts for an added bonus).

This therapeutic blend has antifungal properties and helps fight any potential foot problems such as athletes’ foot.

Add a few drops of Tea Tree essential oil to your favorite shampoo to help aid in scalp itch or head lice.

This is just a few ways to incorporate this ‘miracle oil’ into your everyday. Every household should have this incredible essential oil in their first aid kit.

-Stay tuned for future articles on the amazing uses of essential oils-




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