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Rose Essential Oil

The Essential Oil of Rose-
The symbolism connected with the rose is perhaps one of the richest
and most complex associated with any plant.

It is estimated that 5,000 or more species of roses grace our environment,
however the damask rose (Rosa damascena) and the cabbage rose (Rosa
centifolia) are the most fragrant. They are also the two primary roses that are
used to produce essential oils for aromatherapy.

Steam-distilling over 60,000 fresh-picked roses will yield only one ounce
of rose oil,  making rose essential oil in its pure form very expensive.

Roses were used for centuries to soothe the pain of fever blisters and
cold sores.  Until the Middle Ages, roses were a chief cure for digestive disorders, eye infections, headaches, nervous tension and skin disorders.  In Elizabethan England, many foods were flavored with roses.  Middle Eastern cuisine still employs rose water in some dishes.

The Beauty Benefits of rose oil is for all skin types, especially mature, sensitive,
dry or damaged skin.  It helps restore the moisture balance and smoothes wrinkles.
It helps constrict tiny blood vessels, thus helping to diminish the redness of broken capillaries.

The Emotional Effect of rose oil,  is that it soothes our emotions.  It lifts depression,
eases anxiety, elevates spirits and reduces stress and tension. Rose oil can also calm the nerves and helps to overcome insomnia.  Rose oil can ease grief and subdue sadness.
(Try our Organic Rose Water Spray) for an uplifting floral water that uplifts and
soothes ones emotions along with being beneficial to ones skin.

The Primary Actions of rose oil are: it helps fight infection, reduces inflammation
and relieves muscle spasms.

Since pure rose essential oil is very expensive, we have combine various pure
essential oils with just the right amount of pure rose oil to produce a wonderful
Rose Replacement Oil.  We use this blend in our bath salts and products.  This
oil could be used with a carrier/base oil (like Jojoba oil) as a bath oil or massage
0il.  It also could be added to an unscented lotion or bubble bath.
Add a few drops to a home diffuser to lifts ones emotions.
   Try some of our Favorite Recipes

Facial Steam

Good for Relieving Headaches

                     Add a few drops of our Rose Replacement oil to a bowl of
                     warm water, Cover your head with a towel and inhale the aromas

Soothing Bath Blend

                          5 drops Rose Replacement Oil
       5 drops Lavender Oil
                1 Tablespoon Carrier Oil

                  Add essential oil to carrier oil, add to warm bath just before entering
   inhale the calming aromas

Lavender/Rose Foot Powder

          ˝  Cup Baking Soda
                            ˝ Cup Powdered Orris Root
                            15 drops Rose Replacement Oil
         15 drops Lavender Oil

             Shake together, sift and let age for at least several weeks so that the fragrance
              and powders can meld together.  Apply to feet with a puff.  
We hope you enjoyed the Article…. And Enjoy the Recipes too!!!!


Karen at Country Cottage Primitives!!!

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