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Country Cottage Primitives > Almond Blossom Honey Soap

Almond Blossom Honey Soap
Almond Blossom Honey Soap
This soap is made with our own honey & beeswax from
our honeybees here on the farm.
Our soaps are made using the old-fashion, cold-process method.
We use pure all-vegetable base oils, add in blenderized oatmeal
for soothing and skin softening benefits, add a drizzle of all natural
honey, a touch a beeswax and top it off with our every popular almond essentail oil.
Yum...smells delicious and you will love the lather and luxurious feel of this soap.
We are happy to offer this soap in a pretty oval design. Makes a great gift.
Your soap will come wrapped in cellophane tied bag.
Each soap is between 3.3 - 3.8 ounces .
All sizes approximate.

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