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Check back often in this section of our website, as we will continually be adding new items as the seasons change. Each item has been carefully hand-picked and hand-crafted to give your home that time-worn and homespun feel of yesterday. When we are decorating our shop for our next season, we always search for unique primitives, antiques, and antique reproductions. In this section, you can add these accessories and items to your home, making it your own primitive homestead.

Bee Skeps
$22.95-$44.95Out of Stock
Keeping Cloth
Treenware Scoop
$8.95Out of Stock
Tan Fall Pumpkin
Tan Berry Bush
$10.95Out of Stock
Antique Cider Potpourri
$15.95Out of Stock
Heaven Scent Country Bouquet
$12.95Out of Stock
Mini Glass Cloche
Vine Bee Skep
$13.95Out of Stock
Everyday Wreath
$12.95Out of Stock
Vine Bee Skeps
Berry Pick
Dish Towel Set
$12.95Out of Stock
Geranium Bush
Bird Eggs
Spring Bouquet
$10.95Out of Stock
Spring Berry Bunch
$7.95Out of Stock
Faux Berry Spray
$12.95Out of Stock
Wire Cloche
Out of Stock
Prairie Doll
$24.95Out of Stock
Primitive Compote
Clove Stub Candles
$2.95-$4.95Out of Stock
Mini Foliage Pots
Flag Pillow
Flag Notepads
Angel Vine Bee Skep
$13.95Out of Stock
Vine Bird Nest
Boxwood Bunch
$7.95Out of Stock
Candle Stubs
$2.95-$4.95Out of Stock
Beeswax Candle Stubs
Cranberry Plum Candles
$2.95-$4.95Out of Stock
Hearth Tapers
$6.95Out of Stock
Red Bouquet
Primitive Herb Pot
Lumpy Primitive Candle
$6.95Out of Stock
Large Vine Bee Skep
$64.95Out of Stock
Amra Pods
Juniper Candle Ring/Wreath
$12.95Out of Stock
"Antiques" Wooden Sign
$16.95Out of Stock
Antique Table Lantern
$36.95Out of Stock
"I Believe" Stitchery
$24.95Out of Stock
Shoo Fly Screen Covers
$8.95Out of Stock
Sugar Cone Candle
$9.95Out of Stock
Oat Grass
Mini Herb Signs
Mercury Glass Ornaments
$4.95-$6.95Out of Stock
Reader Rabbit Canvas
$12.95Out of Stock
Resin Birds- All Four Styles
$22.95Out of Stock
Santa Chocolate Mold
$23.95Out of Stock
Wool Candle Mats
Star Candle Pan
Resin Birds
$5.95Out of Stock
Homestead Melts-Clove Scented
$4.95Out of Stock
Mini Bridge
Small Quaker Lamp
Nigella Wreath
$12.95Out of Stock
Primitive Pottery Bowl
$19.95Out of Stock
Swirl Glass Candle Holder
$6.95Out of Stock
Bird Nest with Quail Eggs
$3.95-$9.95Out of Stock
Mini Garden Pots
$2.95Out of Stock
Resin Bird Dish
$10.95Out of Stock
Primitive Cotton Fabric
$5.95Out of Stock
Stitchery Towels
$8.50Out of Stock
Flannel Stitchery Towel
$14.95Out of Stock
Granite Bowl Arrangement
Primitive Pillow
Small Primitive Gift Basket
$19.95Out of Stock
Primitive Grungy Jar Candles
$12.95Out of Stock
Kindred Spirits Pillow
$16.95Out of Stock

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